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Are you looking to purchase Black Angus Beef, look no further Heitz Family Farm a local Cattle Breeder in Wapakoneta, Ohio is known for its high quality Black Angus Cattle.  Our cattle are all natural, hormone free and antibiotic free.

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Did you know?

  • Beef-eaters find preference in the Black Angus meat for a number of reasons related to genetics. To achieve the Certified Angus Beef brand by U.S. Department of Agriculture graders, beef must be a minimum of 51 percent black in hide, and possess a modest amount of higher-degree of marbling and medium to fine marbling texture.                                    

  • Highly demanded Angus genetics are well documented with more than 20 million cattle records contained in the American Angus Association database, the largest of its kind.                  

  • First brought to the Victoria, Kansas, in 1874 by George Grant, polled Angus bulls originated in Scotland in the Aberdeenshire area. The breed remains very successful in both Scotland and Ireland, both of which share similar weather and terrain to the U.S. 

  •  In 2019, the U.S. contained 304,577 head of registered Angus cattle, with the Montana leading the nation with 30,697.                                                                          


Our Cuts Include

  • Rib

  • Short Loin

  • Sirloin

  • Round

  • Variety meats

  • Flank

  • Brisket

  • Chuck

More specific cuts upon request.

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